DIY Wood Bead Garland

I have been swooning over these wooden bead garland stands that have been all over the place lately! Anyone else?! I debated buying one and then quickly realized that, for the price I'd end up paying, I could easily make it myself and be able to custom fit it to our mantle! 


Wooden Beads

You can pick up wooden beads at any of your local craft stores. I opted to order mine from Amazon, mainly because they were cheaper. I knew I wanted to make two strands so I needed a lot of beads and in varying sizes. I ordered two sets, and will link the ones I used at the bottom of this post! 

The first thing I did was picked a pattern I wanted to use for each garland, then I counted out how many of each bead I had and went from there. These are the patterns I came up with:

From there it's as simple as turning on your favorite Netflix show and stringing beads! If you're having trouble threading the twine through the smaller beads, try twisting it on (that's what helped me!)

I knew I wanted one set for our mantle so I made sure to measure as I went along. My finished garlands were: 82" and 60"


I put the first set up on our mantle and instantly fell in love! I always tend to lean towards simple decor, with statement pieces that pop. This wood garland is just that against our bright white mantle! I cannot wait to use these throughout the Christmas season as well. Can't you just see them wrapped around a tree?! For now they have found their home here right under my heirloom and white pumpkins! 


I decided to put the other garland in our master bedroom draped around some of our current decor. I love the mix of the frame and bead wood tones together!  


This was such a fun, quick, and easy DIY project. Let me know if you decide to give it a try, I'd love to see what you come up with! 


Here are the beads I used:


Happy Friday!!!

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