What I'm Loving Wednesday- Home Addition

Good Wednesday Morning! It's been a few weeks since my last WILW post but today I'm back on track! I thought I would share a few of the products that were quick and easy updates to our house that we are still loving today! And a bonus- ALL are under $60 right now! 

This programmable timer switch-
We installed this in our entryway to control our outdoor lights and it has been a lifesaver (and money saver!) We can program when we want the lights to come on and go off, or use a preset "sunset to sunrise" option. No more forgetting to turn your outside lights off (which we were constantly guilty of) Also, it glows so can act as a nightlight in the evening, which is perfect for us as ours is installed at the base of our stairs! 


These curtains from IKEA-
A total favorite of mine!!! We have the white 98" panels in our master bedroom and the 118" in our living room! I love the statement that the longer panels create in our living room and also that they provide privacy without blocking too much light. They wash great but definitely could use a good steam or iron when they are done. These also come in "light beige" which is the perfect linen and gray as well. 

These magnetic garage door accents-
This is probably the easiest update you can do to your house and it makes such a huge difference from the curb! We have had ours on since we moved in at the beginning of April and they haven't even budged. We get compliments on them all the time and people can never believe that they are just magnets. Easily the best $16.99 you will ever spend! 


This utility organizer
After trying a few other options from local stores and not liking them, we found this one and it's been in our laundry room ever since! We use this to hold our mop, duster, and broom, but it would definitely be strong enough to hold even a lightweight vacuum. This could also be used in the garage to hold shovels, rakes, etc. I love that it keeps things organized and is super easy to use! 

This pendant light-
Fun story, this was our first "project" in our Ohio house! I knew that the previous light above the kitchen sink HAD to go! So, after scrolling through too many pendant lights I stumbled upon this one from Amazon. It was the perfect size and didn't break the bank! It always amazes me that something as small as swapping out a light fixture can change the feel of an entire room. 


Have you done any of these to your home? Comment below and share what you love about it!