What I'm Loving Wednesday

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving?! No? Me neither! It always seems like the fall months fly by too fast.
To make your Thanksgiving planning a little bit easier, I thought I would make this a What I'm Loving Wednesday-Turkey Day addition! Some of my favorite serving dishes, tableware, Thanksgiving recipes, and hostess gifts! 

Paper placemats-
These are seriously too cute, especially for a kids table! I have seen similar ones that are a bit more sophisticated at HomeGoods and Marshalls as well. I love that they are disposable and double as an activity for your little ones or guests!  

These stripe napkins-
As I've shared with you all before, I have a slight obsession with stripes. When I found these french stripe napkins it was definitely love at first sight ;) They are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table, and because they are neutral you could easily use them throughout the entire year! 


This dinnerware collection-
We have had this set from World Market for a little over two years or so now and every piece has held up so well! I always get nervous with white dishes, that they will soak up spaghetti sauce or get knife marks on them, but these have neither! I love the simplicity of them and the fact that they are neutral (of course) but are also normal sizes. I know sometimes with collections, the bowls will be super small or the dinner plates aren't large enough, but these are perfect. World Market also has serving platters and bowls in this pattern as well! 

This cinnamon roll recipe from The Novice Chef
These pumpkin cinnamon rolls are one of the easiest and tastiest treats I've made this Fall! I followed the recipe exactly except instead of the pumpkin pie spice, I used cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. (Which I'm pretty sure is what makes up pumpkin pie spice anyway!) These were a total hit with my husband and little guy too. They would make the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving day breakfast or even your dessert table! 


Marble and wood boards
I know you all know what I'm talking about here! These are probably one of my most favorite things! I love that they are multifunctional- you can use it as a display piece in your kitchen with a plant and pretty candle, as a serving board for your cheese and crackers, or even just as a cutting board. They also make the BEST hostess gifts!!! Tie some twine and a thank you note around it or put it in a gift basket with some wine and cheese. So easy, and it doesn't break the bank! I couldn't pick a favorite to post so I will share a few below. All are under $25!


I know that the holidays can get hectic at times, but I pray that you all are able to enjoy your time with family and friends! Let me know if you use any of these ideas or if you have any exciting plans for the holiday! 

I'll be back soon to share our latest DIY project with you guys!!!

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's Wednesday!!! I hope that you all had a happy Halloween and for those of you in the northern states, you stayed warm! It was 36º while we trick-or-treated last night! CRAZY!!

I have to say I have been looking forward to this post since we started this series last week. I could probably name a million things I'm loving, but I'll leave you with these five today!

This mac and cheese
I am letting you all in on my secret go-to quick and easy dinner! Make up a box of this mac and cheese per directions, while the pasta is cooking, toast up some panko breadcrumbs with butter and garlic in a saute pan until slightly browned. Once you've followed all the box instructions put it in a casserole dish, top with the breadcrumbs and bake it at 350º for about 10-15 minutes. It's quick, easy, and tastes AMAZING! 

This magnetic calendar.
I have been on the hunt for a calendar that we could attach to our door in the kitchen, and I came across this one from Amazon! We've had it for a couple months now and it's holding up great! Bonus- it's under $20 and actually cute!


This water bottle
Before I say anything else, I'll start with this: this is way more than I would normally spend on a water bottle, but it was a total necessity! I am terrible at drinking water... and I mean TERRIBLE! Like I could go all day and realize I hadn't even had a whole glass. So when my sister-in-law shared this bottle she had that tracked her water intake, as well as notified her to drink when she was behind her goal for the day, I was totally hooked! The bottle automatically pairs with an app on my phone to track how many ounces I've had, and if I am behind I will get a notification and the bottle will blink red. I have the white one, but they make a few different colors as well. I truly can't say enough about this! 

This pancake pen.
I had a few of you ask about how I made the ghost pancakes I posted on IG yesterday so I figured I'd include this in today's post! This is the pancake pen that we have, and I love it! I use it to make fun pancake shapes as well as fill muffin/cupcake liners. It's great because Samuel can use it too without making too much of a mess. ;) Also, if you don't already have a homemade pancake batter recipe, this is my favorite

Having only ever lived in Florida, this is my first real experience watching the seasons change. It is hard to grasp the beauty of the autumn leaves through just a picture, so I don't think I ever realized how bright the colors are. Also getting to watch Samuel experience his first Fall, and playing in the leaves has been such a joy! We braved the cold weather last weekend to take some family pictures and oh my goodness... I think they are my favorite! I'll be sharing them in a new post sometime in the next few days!


Enjoy your day, friends!


What I'm Loving Wednesday

I have seen this floating around a bit on Instagram and I thought it would be fun to give it a try over here on the blog! So, each week or every other, I will try to post a few things that I have been loving lately. They will range from new products, activities, things that make life easier, recipes, or even just a super comfy sweater I found. I hope you have fun following along!

These black leggings from GapFactory.
I got them a few weekends ago and have pretty much been living in them! They are super comfy and don't go see through when you bend. (You girls know what I'm talking about!) Totally a must for Fall and the chilly days/nights we've been having here in Ohio.   

These kids multivitamins.
Samuel recently started going to preschool one day a week, and as you Mamas all know the germs were quick to follow him home. We started adding these to his daily routine and they definitely have seemed to help keep his immune system boosted. Plus, an added bonus- he LOVES them! 


These storage containers from IKEA.
We use these for everything in our pantry, from rice and couscous to bread crumbs and baking supplies. They help keep things organized and also pretty ;) 

This blessed shirt from Target.
I get so many compliments every time I wear this, and it's definitely a favorite that I frequent a lot! The shirt does run small because it's juniors sizing, so I would suggest sizing up. 

Baking... and this apple bread recipe.
I have found myself baking a lot more since moving to Ohio, I fully believe it's my attempt at trying to stay warm (and it's not even Winter yet!!!) I recently made this apple bread and it was delicious! My only note would be that if you want more apple flavor and less poundcake, add extra apples. Other than that it was the perfect Fall treat, and our little man loved helping with the process! 


Let me know if you give any of these a try or send me some of your favorites!!!