What I'm Loving Wednesday

As much as I thought I loved all things cozy before this pregnancy, it has now at least tripled! I blame the cold weather and the sweet tooth this little one has gifted me with. That being said, I thought I’d make this a cozy addition of What I’m Loving Wednesday, sharing a few of my most favorite cozy necessities! Here we go…

These slipper socks- At only about $16 they are well worth it! I am one of those people who are always cold, so especially living up North now these were a must! The perfect slipper meets sock combo for around the house. They have gripper pads along the bottom so are non slip, and they are plenty thick enough to keep your feet toasty warm. Plus, they come in so many colors/styles! I may just add another pair to my Christmas wish list.

These lights- I discovered this brand last year at Target and haven’t looked back since! I love love love using “fairy” lights throughout our home decor and especially around the holidays. They easily add a bit of magic to the room without being overwhelming. These are battery operated which is great because you can use them anywhere and not have to rely on an outlet, plus they have a timer option which allows you to set it and leave them. (They will be on for 6 hours then off for 18) Perfect for use at night!

This heating blanket- Another purchase that we’ve had for over a year and are super pleased with. Going along with my constantly being cold, this was a must for staying warm during our Ohio winters. I use this blanket pretty much everyday in our living room so can easily say it’s held up super well! Machine washable, has six different heat settings, and an auto shut off after 10 hours.


This cookie recipe- Part of being cozy for me is having something sweet to eat or drink, and well… these are my kryptonite! Pairing two of my favorite things together (chocolate and peanut butter) really how could you go wrong?! This recipe is pretty easy and quick to whip up and makes A LOT of cookies. So, you may consider halving it (or freezing the extras) But trust me, you won’t be able to eat just one of these! You’ve been warned!

This robe- I recently shared this on my Instastories for Black Friday but I’m adding it to this list as well, it’s that good! Everything you’d want in a comfy robe and more. Plush, and long enough to cover the tush! Super warm and doesn’t have pockets. I know for some the no pocket thing may be a deal breaker, but for me it was a win. If I’m relaxing I shouldn’t need to have anything in my pockets. Just chill!

One more bonus thing for locals or anyone with access to a Meijer- this plush pullover! The brand is MTA Sport and I found it in the athletic clothing section. I tried so so hard to find a link to share with you all but couldn’t find it online anywhere. I have lived in this since I found it! It’s the prettiest blush color, sherpa lined, side zip, cozy pullover!


We woke up to the most magical (almost completely covered) winter wonderland this morning.
Days like today definitely scream C O Z Y to me!