Peripeti Candles

I’m pretty sure I have never been more excited to share something with you all! I stumbled upon the Peripeti Candle booth a few months ago at a local vintage/craft show. I ended up picking up THE best woodwick candle, and started talking with Kate about a possible collaboration.

Well, here we are!

We’ve partnered up to share a bit more about her passion for creating natural and non-toxic home fragrances, my love of candles and shopping small, as well as leave you all with a special treat at the end!

You all know how much I love my candles and how often I share about them here and over on Instagram. As someone who has tried dozens and dozens of brands, I have yet to find something similar to Peripeti. My first was the woodwick Bamboo Linen scent. This will probably always be my ‘go-to’ because I love all things simple and clean.

Unlike other brands I’ve tried, the Peripeti candles fill your entire room, and attached rooms with long lasting scent, all the way down to the last burn! Kate shares it this way- “We pour our fragrance through the entire batch of wax. You may not know this but many established candle companies pour 75% of the wax unscented, they add the scent only to the top 25% of the candle. Ever had a candle that smelled for a couple burns and then you couldn't smell it anymore? That's usually the reason. We don't skimp on the scent, after all, that's the most important part!”

I just love that, and I will 100% vouch for this. My house has never smelled better! Kate recently sent me the sweetest happy mail ever and I thought I’d share a few of my new favorites from her line.


Room sprays are something that are definitely new to me, but I have LOVED having this one! I mostly use it on our entry rugs, but it’s safe for the air and in fact is a non-toxic solution to air fresheners. They can be used almost anywhere; linens, garbage can, rugs, bathrooms, and the list goes on.


Nothing snaps you into the Christmas spirit quite like the scent of evergreen! And let me tell you, between our fresh cut Ohio Christmas tree and this reed diffuser, our living room is bursting with the smell of the holidays! Reed diffusers are a favorite of mine, especially as a Mama. I have ours in the living room and for some reason our little man will leave this alone; whereas with my candles, he is constantly blowing them out and wanting to play with them. They are also a perfect alternative to candles in spaces that may not accommodate them well, such as nurseries, work spaces, or dorm rooms.


This ‘leaf’ soy candle is easily at the top of my ‘to buy again’ list! It has found a home right by my kitchen sink. I seriously spend most of my day here, so I figured why not enjoy my time here too! Once again, the scent fills our entire kitchen without being overwhelming. It’s the perfect blend of fresh/green with notes of olive, clove, and lemon. (And just so we’re being honest, my sink is almost never empty with a toddler in the house!)


As an added bonus all of the woodwick candles come in adorable jars with the prettiest lids!! Once my candle was done burning for the last time, I just stuck it in the freezer for a bit and the candle popped right out. Now I am able to reuse this cute little jar to hold bath salts! How perfect is that?!


As a thank you for reading and following along, Peripeti Candles is offering 10% off your purchase as well as free shipping on orders over $45 with code: THEIVYNEST

Candles are and will always be one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. With so many products to choose from; from reed diffusers, woodwick and soy wax candles there truly is something for everyone!

While some of these items were gifted to me, the opinions in my post are completely my own.
I promise to continue to only share and support brands that I actually love and purchase on my own as well!

I hope you all will head over to Peripeti Candles and grab your last minute Christmas gifts or even something for yourself! And be sure to follow Kate on Instagram as well!