One day or day one?

Does anyone else kind of love the first of the month? For me, there is just something about starting fresh that always seems to help my brain re-focus on what's important and scale back to the basics. 

Losing Ellis opened my eyes to a lot of things, but one of the biggest so far is how important it is to care for yourself. I heard about "self-care" so much after losing Savannah, but for some reason, this time around it is hitting me harder. (Probably because I have a busy little man with me 24/7!) And while I obviously wouldn't trade that for the world, it is definitely more difficult to have that "me time" or the time to process through things.

Life gets busy and we often forget how important it is to take that time for ourselves and to re-center our minds on the things that truly matter. So, I thought we could hold each other accountable this month. Lord knows I need a buddy... or a bunch! I'm going to try to do something "just for me" each day this month. It will most likely be something small, but nonetheless, something that I am intentionally choosing to do, and that will bring joy.  Let's call it the #justforyouchallenge

Grab a friend and take a walk, swing through Starbucks on your way to school drop off, buy the dress, finish that book you've been reading, take a bath (and drink the wine!), go sweat it out at the gym, or take a night to simply unplug and recharge. I know as a Mama, it can be especially hard to find even five minutes, but we need to do it! I've learned that you can't pour from an empty cup. 

One day or day one. You decide.

I'm starting today. I actually woke up before my alarm (which hardly ever happens) and spent some quiet time with this devotional. If you are looking for a new one I highly recommend it! 


I'm going to do my best to share each day on IG either on my page or in my stories what I did that day for the challenge. Tag me in yours as well! Jump on board and start August out the right way.

 Day one starts now!