Frozen in Time

Do you ever wish you could just freeze time?! I swear the older I get, the faster the days and years pass. It's gloomy and rainy here in Ohio, so I thought it was the perfect day to cuddle up with my favorite blanket and quickly pop over to share some of the family photos we had taken over the weekend! 

Family photos are definitely an investment, but for us, it is almost a non-negotiable! We've had our fair share of sessions done over the last few years and it is always so nice to be able to look back on them and instantly be drawn back to that stage of life. It truly is the only way to freeze time, even if just for that moment. 

This was the first session we've had done in Ohio and while I will always miss the beach and those sandy toes, I have to say I am SO loving all the greenery here. We met our photographer at one of the local metro parks right around the corner from our house and despite the rainy weather earlier in the day and having to avoid the occasional mud puddle, we honestly had the best time having these moments captured! 


Those of you who have followed our journey for a while now know that we always try and incorporate our Savannah bear in some of our pictures. Well, last week I took our little man to Build-a-Bear and he decided to make an Ellis bear. So, now both of our sweet girls can be remembered. Needless to say, my heart was a puddle on the floor when we got these photos back!  


We cannot thank Shelley enough for the amazing job she did and for the priceless memories she captured for us! She was amazing to work with I'm pretty sure my little man was a tad smitten with her and her sweet baby bump! If you are local or ever find yourself vacationing here and in need of some new pictures, reach out to her!
None of this was sponsored, we paid for our session- but when I find a good thing, I have to share ;)


Thanks for allowing me to share and for following along. Now, this Mama is going to try to knock more off her 'to-do' list before little man wakes up from his nap!
Happy almost Friday!