Fresh Beginnings

Seeing as how we are just about halfway through the first month of the new year, I thought it was only fitting to pop over here and touch base with you all (while I try not to burn my mouth on my favorite hot chai!) I don’t know about you, but the holidays always tend to leave me with a scratchy throat and in a daze. I fully require a good two week rest period afterwards!


Anyways, I thought it would be fun to start 2019 off by going back to the basics and laying the groundwork for a fresh beginning. It’s a different year, so why not start from the ground up! Which means sharing for the new faces around here, a bit about who I am and the inspiration behind my blog; The Ivy Nest!

My name is Rebecca and I am the face and heart behind The Ivy Nest!

- - -

I am a believer. A decision I made around the age of 12 and one that drives everything I do. Knowing that I have a hope that is eternal, truly comforts my soul and honestly carries me through the tough days that so often come. My relationship with the Lord is one that I know I take for granted a lot. I am definitely not a perfect person, and I fall short far more than I feel comfortable admitting… yet I will. Thank goodness we serve a patient and gracious God who forgives me time and time again. My faith has anchored me through the storms of loss, and the grief that has followed. For that alone, I am forever grateful!

- - -

I am a Florida born girl currently living (and loving it) in Ohio. I am a proud military wife to an amazing man; my best friend and high-school sweetheart. We’ve been married for almost 10 years, and to this day that is still the best decision I’ve ever made! We’ve learned that marriage is not for the faint of heart (and ours in far from perfect), but when you work hard and are transparent it is honestly so rewarding! Josh truly completes me in a way only the Lord could have orchestrated. Cheesy I know.. but it’s seriously the truth. Thank goodness for his calm in all of my chaos!


- - -

We have 4 beautiful babies, and each of them have a story of their own!

Savannah Joy- About halfway through my pregnancy with her we found out that she had a fatal neutral tube defect and wasn’t expected to live after birth. We chose life, and I chose to carry her to term. A choice I would make over and over again. We met our beautiful daughter face to face at 40 weeks and 2 days on October 9, 2013. She may have only lived for a few minutes after birth, but she continues to impact our lives in unimaginable ways to this day. She broke me out of my shell, and is honestly why I started blogging in the first place. Her story deserves to be shared and I get to brave enough to do it.. what an honor as a Mama!

Samuel David- Our handsome 3 and half year old rainbow baby boy! It’s so true that you don’t fully realize how much you need something until you have it; that is this boy! He fills my days with so much happiness and has helped heal my heart in ways I wasn’t even sure were possible. He loves trucks, reading, outer space, wrestle time with Daddy, and cuddling. Although, I know that last one won’t last forever so I soak it up while I can!

Ellis June- Our precious baby girl who we miscarried on June 27, 2018. After trying for almost 2 years we finally got pregnant with Ellis. This pregnancy felt different to me from the beginning, but I pushed my thoughts aside when we saw that perfect little heartbeat on the ultrasound. And just as soon as it felt real, we lost her. A pain my heart was not prepared to feel, and a hurt that definitely resurfaced grief from losing our first daughter Savannah as well. Ellis will forever be one of my greatest questions for the Lord, but until then we say “and if not, He is still good

Baby #4- Currently 25 weeks pregnant with our greatest answer to countless prayers, our rainbow baby girl; Clara Jayne!!! I’ve shared her name with our friends and family, but not on the blog yet. Clara means ‘light’, and we couldn’t imagine anything more fitting. We can already see the beautiful ways she has brightened up some of the darkest parts of our journey. Jayne means ‘gift from God’; and that Clara totally is! She is an answer to prayers that we’ve had in our hearts for years and years. A promise fulfilled and evidence that He truly does make everything beautiful in its time.


- - -

I am a happy homemaker turned blogger and am blessed to be able to stay home and balance both! The Ivy Nest is truly a dream I have had for quite sometime, and in October 2017 that all came true in the form of this site! You can read about our namesake here. I started blogging as a way to release emotional grief after losing our first daughter and it ended up igniting a fire that spread into other areas of my life as well. My passion to share has led me here; my little piece of home on the internet.

- - -

I am a super transparent person and definitely sensitive, I wear my heart on my sleeve and love to invest in people and their stories. I enjoy making our house a home; a cozy, clean, and comfortable one! (with a bit of much needed crazy) Candles and neutral colors make my heart happy, and I fully believe that beige is not boring! Sweet tea is my fuel of choice, and even better if it’s homemade and in a glass jar. I have a passion for home decor, love working with a budget, and recreating looks for less! I am a cat and plant lady… and yes both of those are a thing. I love raw and real emotions and spilling my heart. I know that life is meant to be lived and shared, and that was my hope in creating The Ivy Nest; that I could do just that and at the same time have a space to learn more about each of you as well!

If you stuck with me through all of that, you are a true warrior!!! I have so many fun things planned for the blog this year, and I cannot wait to let you all in more! Thanks for being here and greeting 2019 with me a little delayed, but never too late!