What I'm Loving Wednesday

I’ve been excited to share these few things with you all for awhile! It’s a super rainy morning here in Ohio, but honestly I couldn’t think of better weather to write in! Today’s WILW is a mix of practical, yummy, and just plain fun! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if you plan to!

This money saving app-
I’ve been using Ibotta for a few months now and have been pleasantly surprised how much money I’ve gotten back, especially from a FREE app! It’s super simple. Download the app, select your local grocery store(s) (Walmart and Target are even on there!), then scroll through the ‘current offers’ for your selected store and ‘add’ the deals for things you know you plan to buy! Once you’ve done your shopping, simply upload your receipt and watch your Ibotta account as your savings are sent back to you! You can always check the offers after you shop as well; just incase you ended up getting something you hadn’t originally planned on buying. Once you reach a minimum of $20 back in offers, you can withdraw your cash using either Venmo, PayPal, or by selecting one of their MANY gift card options! I signed up after a friend referred me, so I figured I’d pass it along for you all as well! Use my code: sndscan and you can get a $10 welcome bonus!

These dryer balls-
We decided to make the switch away from fabric softener (both liquid and the dryer sheets). I was on the hunt for something more skin sensitive and less wasteful. These have been just that! Super easy to use, just toss them in with your damp clothes. I’ve noticed our drying time has gone down, and our clothes are not only softer but they don’t have as much static. (Which is AMAZING! Especially right now with it being winter; everything is super prone to static) I know quite a few others who have made the switch away from fabric softener, and they actually use wool dryer balls. I’ve heard great things about those as well; and I definitely would have tried but I’m allergic to wool. I’ll link both options below for you though!


This yogurt-
Several of my favorite bloggers have been mentioning siggi’s yogurt on their Instastories; so I decided to give it a try! Plus, when your local grocery store has it on sale, how do you say no?! Anyways, after trying it… I am totally hooked! I compared it to my previous favorite yogurts and it has way less sugar, more protein, and less calories. I love the raspberry, vanilla & cinnamon, and the chocolate triple cream as a guilt-free special Mama treat!

This lip balm-
It’s the time of year where this is a total everyday necessity! Living in Florida, dry lips weren’t something I really ever had to deal with. Ohio on the other-hand is a whole different story when it comes to needed skincare. I use one of these everyday, honestly multiple times a day and love them! They moisturize quickly without being greasy (as I know some chapsticks tend to be) Plus they smell amazing!


This pillow cover-
Just about every pillow in our house is a cover; which is a MUST especially with a toddler! But, also is a super easy (and cheap) way to change up your decor. These are easily swapped and can be taken off for cleaning as well. I try and wait until the Hobby Lobby covers go half off, or at least use a 40% off coupon. This cover was only $8.99 when I bought it! If you were to try and go to HomeGoods or Target to grab a new pillow with the same look, you’d likely be paying $25+ and it may not be a cover. I love the texture this brings to the room, and it’s neutral which is always my favorite!


I hope you all are enjoying your Wednesday so far! I for one am SUPER grateful we are halfway through the week already.
Thanks for following along!